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Let's go

a creative partner for changemakers stuck in the grind

what they're saying...

"As a Programming Director at Global Works, Chris collaborated effectively with multiple stakeholders including local community members, students, parents, vendors, and fellow co-workers.  His organization, intercultural skills, and passion towards community service focused student travel was critical to the success of our programs. " 

Erik Werner, Owner & CEO, '94-'15

some outcomes...

1,100+ design thinking community.  40+ workshops

Founder, Facilitator, and Host.  

Professional photography

Fashion, Events, Lifestyle, and Campaigns

enterprise design sprints 

Product Development and Facilitator

14th FAI World Paragliding Championships

Co-founder, Event Director, and Producer

New american dream lab

Co-founder and Organizer


Howdy, I'm Chris.  I spent 10 years abroad in Experiential Learning industries designing programs and services the wrong way; i.e. the way most teams and companies do it.

The good news is, I completely relearned how to fluidly guide the process of people working together to achieve set goals.  What I found was a new collaborative mindset, structures, and set of tools to help leaders exploit their collective intelligence to strengthen their business models, marketing, innovation, and organizational development needs.

Today, collaborating with a network of experts I've built over the years honing workshop superpowers, I'm finally ready to share everything I've learned.