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an instigator and facilitator, Chris helps organizations experiencing uncertainty and change build out their teams, cultures, and Processes so they can get their ideas out into the world.



In his current role at Voltage Control, Chris helps leaders and teams thrive through change to fully unleash their potential with interventions and training focused on facilitation, collaboration, psychological safety, and play.  


Problem framing helps us validate there’s a problem worth solving.

Working with groups to help overcome obstacles has been a constant during Chris's career.  He spent years in the field helping students, teachers, and athletes explore the Americas until in 2015 Chris discovered Design Thinking and decided to trade in bug spray for sticky notes.  PORTFOLIO:

Problem framing

flash fifteen

Founder, Facilitator, and Host.  

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slc human-center design community

Founder, Facilitator, and Host.  

Gv Design sprints



New american dream lab

Co-founder and Organizer

14th FAI World Paragliding Championships

Co-founder, Event Director, and Producer


choice humanitarian

Rural Development Lead

Global works travel

Argentina Program Director

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