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Trails Utah Vision, Mission, & purpose







Trails Utah, a non-profit organization (NPO), recognized the importance of creating clear and inspiring vision, mission, and purpose statements to guide their future decision-making, strategic planning, and goals. To achieve this, the organization conducted three online workshops, bringing together leadership, board members, and community advocates. The goal was to co-create a vision for the organization, outline its mission, and define its purpose. By doing so, Trails Utah aimed to energize its employees, differentiate itself in the marketplace, and communicate its intentions to investors, stakeholders, and the public.

Purpose Statement

The first workshop focused on crafting a purpose statement that would ground the organization's actions and culture. The purpose statement is customer-centric, reflecting the core beliefs and philosophy that drive Trails Utah's operations. The winning purpose statement developed during the workshop is: "To connect, steward, and celebrate our active communities and Utah's natural spaces." The purpose statement emphasizes the organization's commitment to connecting people with nature and celebrating Utah's landscapes.


Mission Statement

During the second workshop, the participants learned about the importance of the mission statement, which articulates what the organization does and how it operates in the present. The mission statement is company-centric, outlining Trails Utah's current activities. The winning mission statement that emerged from the workshop is: "Trails Utah is an NPO creating healthier communities by facilitating trail development in Utah." The mission emphasizes the organization's focus on promoting healthier communities through trail development initiatives.


Vision Statement:

In the final workshop, the participants understood the significance of the vision statement, which outlines the organization's aspirations and future goals relative to competitors and the industry. The vision statement is category-centric, stating what Trails Utah aims to become in the future. The winning vision statement resulting from the workshop is: "We aim to connect trails, communities, and open lands by sustainably integrating urban and rural spaces throughout the state for the health and well-being of all Utahns." The vision emphasizes the organization's commitment to creating a sustainable trail network that benefits communities and preserves Utah's natural environment.


Impact and Importance

The workshops proved to be transformative for Trails Utah. By developing clear vision, mission, and purpose statements, the organization gained clarity and direction for its future endeavors. The purpose statement reinforced the organization's focus on serving customers and the community. The mission statement highlighted the organization's core objective of trail development for healthier communities. The vision statement set ambitious goals, emphasizing the importance of sustainable integration and well-being for all Utahns.


Through a series of interactive workshops, Trails Utah successfully developed robust vision, mission, and purpose statements. These statements not only inspired and energized the organization's employees but also set the direction for future decision-making and strategic planning. By communicating their intentions to the public and stakeholders, Trails Utah stands out in the marketplace as a purpose-driven organization dedicated to connecting communities and preserving Utah's natural spaces for the benefit of all residents. The co-creation process with leadership, board members, and community advocates ensured the statements were reflective of the organization's collective vision for the future.

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