Like many of the people I help today, it all started with a problem.  All I knew...

was that I wanted to find more engaging, flexible, and purposeful work.  So, instead of following the path my parents, friends, and family wanted me to take, I decided I was going to do whatever it took to solve my problem.  I left a stable job in architecture to go explore and immerse myself in a new challenge abroad.  


I first accepted a short Economic Development Project in rural Paraguay.  And that little adventure turned into 10 years working home and abroad with NGOs, Student Travel Companies, World Sporting Federations, and Travel Startups.  


Throughout this journey, I experimented with tons of different strategies for building a business, product, or service.  But none of them seemed to work that well, so I kept searching.  This eventually led me to the world of Design Thinking in 2014!  And I knew it was going to be the solution for my problem, so I dove deep, really deep.  I found, followed, and learned from people who were doing it best.  Read all the best books on the subject.  Listened to the best podcasts.  Dissected the top online courses.  Landed a contract in Bogota with an agency using Design principals to help high school students develop leadership skills.


I was in!  


In 2016, shortly after returning home from years away I founded a Design Thinking community in Salt Lake City, UT where people could meet and learn how to apply Design Thinking methodologies in their own teams.  It has been an incredible way to take on a leadership position in my community, explore best practices, work with interesting people doing amazing things, while growing a business I'm proud of.


The reason I'm telling you all this is because, now, I'm a facilitator and community builder with a passion for sharing what I've learned.  I develop the environments for business leaders and teams to work at the top of their collective intelligence so they may address complex issues in a fun and engaging way.  I believe organizations have all that they need to solve their own business model, marketing, innovation, and organizational development problems and my role is to help them solve them through engaging and impactful workshops and events.


Please contact me for more details or a friendly conversation.  

  • B.A. in International Studies.  Kenyon College.  2005