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14th Fai world Paragliding championship /
Paragliding World Cup Superfinal



Event Director




As the Event Director of the 14th FAI World Paragliding Championships held in Roldanillo, Colombia in January 2015, Chris had the privilege of leading a team that successfully addressed the region's struggle to attract domestic and international tourism and hosted148 best pilots in the world from 38 nations. The event was a significant endeavor, aimed at bridging the marketing gap and promoting Roldanillo's unique potential for glider flying, turning it into a top destination for air sports competitions. 

The Problem

The rural northern municipalities of Valle Del Cauca, Colombia, were home to some of the best glider-flying spots in the world. However, despite its scenic beauty and ideal flying conditions, the region faced challenges in attracting domestic and international tourism. The municipalities lacked the necessary exposure to draw populations willing to invest and pay for tourism experiences in the area.

Why Was This A Problem

The lack of exposure resulted in missed opportunities for economic growth through tourism. Without visitors and investors, the region's potential remained untapped, hindering its socio-economic development.


In 2012, a team led by Airnomads and myself took the initiative to bridge this marketing gap. We decided to host top air sports competitions in Roldanillo to showcase the region's potential for glider flying and outdoor activities. The flagship event was The 14th Paragliding World Championships, along with other significant competitions like the Paragliding World Cup Superfinal, Paragliding World Cup 2013, and several National Championships. These high-profile events attracted participants and spectators from around the world, providing an excellent platform to showcase Roldanillo as a premier destination for air sports enthusiasts.


The decision to host these prestigious events in Roldanillo had a remarkable impact on the region. The events attracted hundreds of new businesses catering to the growing tourism industry. Additionally, the competitions received positive publicity, garnering attention from the media and travel enthusiasts worldwide. The exposure generated foreign investment in the region, boosting the local economy and facilitating socio-economic development.

Economic Impact

The success of The 14th FAI World Paragliding Championships and related air sports competitions led to a surge in tourism in the Valle Del Cauca region. With hundreds of new local businesses catering to the influx of tourists, the region experienced economic growth and development. The investments in infrastructure and services to accommodate the visitors further contributed to the local economy.

Social Impact

The hosting of prestigious air sports competitions not only attracted tourists but also created a sense of pride and excitement among the local population. The events fostered a strong sense of community and camaraderie among enthusiasts and residents alike. Additionally, the exposure to international visitors helped bridge cultural gaps and promoted cultural exchange.

Environmental Impact

As the region attracted more tourists, the focus on sustainable tourism practices became essential. The event organizers and local authorities worked together to promote eco-friendly practices, preserving the natural beauty of the region while providing thrilling experiences for the participants.


As the Event Director of The 14th FAI World Paragliding Championships in Roldanillo, Colombia, I am proud to have played a key role in transforming the region's tourism landscape. By hosting top air sports competitions, we successfully showcased the potential of Valle Del Cauca as a world-class destination for glider flying. The events not only brought economic benefits through increased tourism and business opportunities but also generated positive publicity and foreign investment in the region. The success of these events was a testament to the collaborative efforts of the team led by Airnomads and myself, as well as the support and enthusiasm of the local community. The 14th FAI World Paragliding Championships left a lasting impact on Roldanillo, positioning it as a top destination for air sports enthusiasts and contributing to the region's overall socio-economic development.

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