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case study

Design Sprints


Facilitator and User Testing



Snap Finance


Between 2019 and 2020, Chris took on the role of facilitating multiple Design Sprints for Snap Finance in Salt Lake City. Snap Finance sought to address customer onboarding challenges, prototype solutions, and conduct user testing, but they were facing significant cross-functional communication problems hindering the execution of new projects.


The Problem
Snap Finance required a solution to bring cross-functional teams together, allowing them to collaborate effectively and address customer onboarding issues, prototype solutions, and validate them through user testing. The lack of seamless communication among teams was affecting their ability to execute new projects efficiently.

The Solution
To tackle these challenges, Chris implemented a series of three five-day Design Sprints. Design Sprints are an intensive process in which user-centered teams collaborate to solve design problems. With expert insights, teams ideate, prototype, and test solutions with selected users. Google's design sprint framework was used to map out challenges, explore solutions, select the best ones, create prototypes, and test them. Design Sprints differ from traditional waterfall processes, as they involve a carefully selected cross-functional team collaborating to define a user problem and test potential solutions within just five days. This systematic approach and time-efficient management allowed the teams to concentrate on user needs and clearly defined goals, leading to the creation of testable prototypes in a short period.


The outcomes of the Design Sprints were highly effective in reducing product launch time. The success of the Sprints led Snap Finance to integrate the Sprint methodology into their work culture permanently. As a result, Snap Finance continued to leverage Design Sprints to drive innovation, improve business processes, and achieve tangible results efficiently.

Impact and Benefits
Facilitating Design Sprints proved to be transformative for Snap Finance. The utilization of Design Sprints allowed Snap Finance to break down communication barriers and foster cross-functional collaboration effectively. By implementing the rapid five-day process, the organization was able to address customer onboarding issues promptly, prototype solutions, and validate them through user testing. As a result, the time taken for product launches significantly decreased. The success of the Design Sprints led Snap Finance to adopt the methodology as part of their work culture permanently, enabling them to continue driving innovation, solving problems efficiently, and achieving desired outcomes.


Chris's facilitation of multiple Design Sprints proved instrumental in enabling Snap Finance to overcome cross-functional communication challenges and streamline their product development process. The adoption of the five-day Design Sprints allowed the organization to quickly identify, prototype, and test solutions to target customer onboarding issues. As a result, Snap Finance not only reduced product launch time but also integrated the Sprint methodology into their work culture, ensuring continuous innovation and progress. The success of the Design Sprints highlights the effectiveness of this user-centered approach in achieving tangible results and fostering collaboration within cross-functional teams.

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