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Flash fifteen



Founder / Facilitator, Nation Wide Insurance



Flash Fifteen, founded by Chris during the heart of the pandemic in late 2020, is a unique initiative designed to address the challenges faced by busy professionals in coming together, connecting, and inspiring each other. The main objective of Flash Fifteen is to create small spaces where professionals can engage in short but impactful workshops aimed at fostering connection, collaboration, and learning.

The Problem
Busy professionals often find themselves isolated, working on their own to solve problems. However, high-performing teams require creative ways to come together, connect, and inspire one another. This need for connection became even more pronounced as companies transitioned to remote work during the pandemic. The loss of casual "watercooler" moments in remote work environments hindered the serendipitous interactions that often lead to valuable insights and ideas.

To address this problem, Flash Fifteen introduced the concept of a "community of practice" through 15-minute workshops. These workshops are intentionally designed for maximum serendipity, engagement, and learning. They provide participants with the language, frameworks, tools, and techniques needed to create conditions for better connection, collaboration, and teamwork.

Since its inception, Flash Fifteen has successfully hosted over 40 sessions, connecting hundreds of creative leaders from around the world. The workshop model proved to be effective and impactful, leading to its implementation in various organizations, including, PowerBX, and several large financial institutions.

Impact and Success
Flash Fifteen's success can be attributed to its innovative approach to fostering meaningful connections and collaboration among busy professionals. The 15-minute workshop format is not only time-efficient, but it also creates an environment where professionals can engage with each other in a focused and impactful way. By promoting serendipitous interactions and providing practical tools, Flash Fifteen empowers participants to enhance their teamwork, creativity, and problem-solving skills.

What Others Are Saying

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Flash Fifteen's mission to create small spaces for professionals to connect, inspire, and learn together has proven to be an effective solution for the challenges posed by remote work and busy schedules. Through its community of practice and short yet powerful workshops, Flash Fifteen has facilitated meaningful connections among creative leaders worldwide. By continuing to expand its reach and impact, Flash Fifteen contributes to fostering high-performing teams and driving innovation in the professional world.

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