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case study

Slc Human-Centered design


Founder, Facilitator, Organizer



Public, SLC Gov, University of Utah



Between 2016 and 2020 Chris hosted 80+ public workshops and innovation challenges in Salt Lake City, Utah where students, managers, innovators, strategists, and designers could practice Design Thinking methods in a community he founded called SLC Human-centered Design.

The Problem

A design-inspired innovation program or community of practice for creative leaders didn't exist in Salt Lake valley as of 2016. 

Why Was This A Problem
Designers, innovators, entrepreneurs, managers, and consultants needed a space to connect, practice, and learn new methods for creating and sustaining change in a safe environment. 



Innovation challenges tackled ‘big picture' challenges, such as healthcare, education, and the government itself.  Workshops included Design Sprints, Design Thinking, Liberating Structures, Gamestorming, Career Development, and Futures Thinking, just to name a few. New American Dream Lab, Best Monday Ever, Smash SLC were a few of our most popular events.


Design Thinking values different perspectives and skillsets. But the community of over 1600 joined for one reason: Grow. Grow their creative confidence, influence, perspective, and impact. Grow themselves, their teams, and their organizations. It was a community that helped. It helped members develop new skills, propel new innovations, build bridges, and provide some fun along the way. 


SLC Human-centered Design launched many new community initiatives.  One of the most well know was The New American Dream Lab (NADL).  NADL has been a platform for New Americans(former refugees and immigrants) in Salt Lake City, Utah to learn entrepreneurial skills and to present their businesses to a participating audience. The goal of the yearly event is to empower New American entrepreneurs and introduce the Salt Lake City business and the broader community to diverse small business owners who help to create a dynamic business landscape in Utah.

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