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case study

Team Cohesion and playbook workshop



Voltage Control


NDA.  But a big one.



In 2021, while working for Voltage Control my co-facilitator and I conducted a 2-day workshop for a Fortune 500 company leveraging Patrick Lencioni’s Advantage framework to develop one cohesive leadership team and a playbook for achieving results together.

According to Patrick Lencioni’s Advantage framework, healthy organizations are led by a team that is built on trust, intentionally manages conflict, makes commitments, and holds one another accountable for achieving collective results.

The Problem

The client leadership team had recently experienced a great deal of team transition.

Why Was This A Problem

The client had experienced a decent level of change including, loss of senior talent, org restructuring (SP&R), changes to CX, and other changes. They succeeded based on a passion for their customers, the love of what they were doing, and a strong ability to work as a unified leadership team. But these past changes distracted them from core success strengths.



Realign the team and build the focus on a success plan for the future with Lencioni-style Playbook and awareness around individual strengths/gaps sharing Strength Finder results.  The leadership team answered each of Lencioni's six questions and captured those answers in a concise, actionable way to use them for communication, decision-making, and planning going forward.  These questions are:  Why do we exist?  How do we behave?  What do we do?  How will we succeed?  What is most important now?  Who will do what?


The client team shared the following outcomes for this workshop:

01  A shared vision and commitment to the leadership team

02  Awareness of individual and team strengths and potential gaps

03  Strategic team alignment for co-created working norms for team cohesion

04  Agreements and commitments for how the team will create, communicate and reinforce clarity with its respective teams

05  A Lencioni-style Playbook for 2021

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