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case study

Leadership Team Workshop using Patrick Lencioni's Advantage Framework



Voltage Control


Fortune 100 Company


In 2021, Voltage Control facilitated a 2-day online workshop for a Fortune 500 company, aiming to strengthen their leadership team using Patrick Lencioni's Advantage framework. The workshop focused on developing a cohesive leadership team and creating a playbook for achieving collective results.

The Problem
The client's leadership team had undergone significant transitions, including the loss of senior talent, organizational restructuring, changes to CX, and other adjustments. These changes had led to distractions from the team's core strengths and success.

Why Was This A Problem
The changes and transitions diverted the team's attention away from its primary strengths and unity, potentially affecting its ability to achieve results effectively.

The workshop's solution involved realigning the team and building a focused success plan for the future using Patrick Lencioni's Advantage framework. The team used Lencioni's six key questions to develop a playbook that would guide their communication, decision-making, and planning going forward. These questions were: 
1. Why do we exist? 
2. How do we behave? 
3. What do we do? 
4. How will we succeed? 
5. What is most important now? 
6. Who will do what?

The workshop achieved several positive outcomes for the client's leadership team:
1. A shared vision and commitment among the leadership team.
2. Awareness of individual and team strengths, as well as potential gaps.
3. Strategic team alignment and co-created working norms for better team cohesion.
4. Agreements and commitments on how the team would create, communicate, and reinforce clarity with their respective teams.
5. A Lencioni-style Playbook for 2021, serving as a practical guide for achieving collective results.



By leveraging Patrick Lencioni's Advantage framework, the 2-day online workshop successfully addressed the challenges faced by the client's leadership team. The realignment and focus on strengths, along with the development of a clear playbook, provided the team with the tools and clarity needed to navigate through transitions and achieve success collectively. The workshop's outcomes fostered a healthy leadership team, ready to face the future with renewed vigor and unity.

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